The Best '90's Candy

Sour warheads, Butterfinger BB's and Airheads.

I was a kid in the 1990's, meaning that I had about three things on my mind: videogames, Nickelodeon and candy. I'm not a huge fan of candy anymore, but occasionally, at the strangest of times, a candy jingle from my childhood will pop into my head. Yesterday, the jingle for Baby Bottle Pops--"Baby bottle pops! Baby bottle pops! You lick the pop, dip and shake it! Then lick it again!--came back to me while I was in the shower. Let's take a look at some of those unforgettable sweets from my youth:

Butterfinger BB's. These bite-sized candies were miniaturized versions of toffee crisp and chocolate Butterfingers in little spheres. They were hocked by Bart Simpson until they were discontinued in 2006. The candy's tagline was "Nobody better lay a finger on Butterfinger BB's."

Baby Bottle Pop. I can't understand the popularity of the Baby Bottle Pop. The candy was a sucker that you would dip into a sweet-and-sour powder and then shake around. You'd put it back into your mouth, so it looked like you were a baby sucking on a bottle. Essentially, you'd make fun of yourself and your extreme youth. These suckers are still around appear to be hocked by none other than the Jonas Brothers!

Crispy M&M's. These are a seriously sad casualty of the 1990's. The Crispy M&M had a crispy crunch on the M&M's chocolate, a candy that I thought was seriously boring until the invention of the crispy center. These were discontinued in 2005.

Gushers. Gushers were a sour and sweet fruity candy with a liquid center that would ooze out the sides when you bit into them. Gushers are still around and come in Watermelon Blast and Strawberry Splash, but there's a movement to bring back the original grape flavor of the candy.

Sour Warheads. My sixth grade teacher had a bowl of these on his desk and always handed them out when we did something right. The extremely sour exterior of the warhead yielded to a sweet flavor and in the middle there were tiny bits of sugar that would eek out of the crispy shell. I'll always associate these candies with pleasure and pain: pleasure of the reward, but the pain of the super sourness that burned ridges into my mouth.

Airheads. I associate this sweet-and-sour taffy with the pool because they'd always sell it for cheap during rest break. The candy would always sweat through its distinctive, neon wrapper, and it was always better a little warm.




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