90's Celebrities who didn't translate in the '00s

90's Celebrities who didn't translate in the '00s

What happened to these guys?

Some of our favorite celebrities from the ‘90s graced our television screens at least once a week. They had girl-next-door qualities, wore baggy t-shirts or coined catchphrases that you couldn’t get out of your head; in other words, their appeal was confined to the ‘90s. Let’s take a look at some huge ‘90s celebrities who haven’t held on to their fame as the years have progressed:

Larisa Oleynik. Larisa Oleynik rose to mega-Nickelodeon fame when she starred on The Secret World of Alex Mack, playing both Alex Mack and the Capri Sun-like substance into which Alex could transform. Playing tomboy Alex turned Larisa into a preteen heartthrob, but after Alex Mack was cancelled, her only really notable role was as Bianca Stratford in 10 Things I Hate About You.  

Jaleel White. Jaleel White, who in reality is a pretty attractive guy, played nerdy Steve Urkel on the show Family Matters from 1989 to 1998. Urkel was a seriously annoying character—remember his tagline, “Did I do that?”—but also extremely popular. After the show, he was on a short-lived sitcom called Grown Ups and has had a series of other roles since then. One of the weirdest parts of White’s post-Family Matters life is that people continue spreading rumors that he is dead, first, by suicide, and more recently, shot and killed in an altercation.

Melissa Joan Hart. Melissa Joan Hart was my television idol when I was a kid. I watched Clarissa Explain It All (1991-1994) religiously, and got all of my advice on friendship, grief and yearning for a driver’s license from it. After Clarissa ended, Hart when on to star as the title character in the show Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a show with a mildly interesting premise that ran for an astounding seven seasons. After that show ended in 2003, Hart dropped out of the limelight, but is apparently starring in a show called Melissa & Joey with another ‘90s actor, Joey Lawrence.

The Mowrys. The Mowry siblings had an empire of children’s television back in the day. Tia & Tamera, the twins, had their show about being twins called Sister, Sister. The show was sort of like The Parent Trap in that the twins were adopted apart from each other; Tia’s character, Tia, lives in inner-city Detroit and Tamera’s character, Tamera, lives in the suburbs. Their brother, Tahj, was also on TV in a sitcom about a little boy who goes to high school called Smart Guy.