The best cartoons of the '90s

The best cartoons of the '90s

Hey Arnold!, Doug and Aaah!!! Real Monsters

In the past few years, I've come to the realization that I watched way too much cartoons as a kid. Like way too much. If somebody mentions a show that was on Nickelodeon or Saturday morning or Disney Channel at an indiscriminate point in the '90's, I can not only recall the show, but also on which strange Canadian sci-fi series the lead voices currently star. I wish I could do something useful. Still, since my brain managed to ward off most of its '90's rotting and I work--as all things--a writer, let's discuss some of the best cartoons from the '90s:

Hey Arnold! Hey Arnold! featured a bunch of street-wise, beak-nosed kids who basically ran wild in an indiscriminate town that is supposed to have been a conglomeration of Seattle, New York and Portland, Ore. Arnold, the soft-spoken main character, has a football head and two patches of blonde hair. His best friend, Gerald, leads the pack of kids as they adventure through the neighborhood, while Helga, a tomboy in a pink dress, torments Arnold while secretly worshiping him in a gum shrine in her bedroom. The show makes me want to be a footloose kid in a big city.

Doug. Doug was show about funny-colored, watercolor-esque characters that had imaginary adventures to escape their mundane junior high. Doug, an extremely-shy eleven-year-old, loves Patti Mayonnaise and hates liver and onions. He's a good writer, plays the banjo and narrates every episode. Doug's best friend is a blue-faced skateboarder named Skeeter, and together, they try to escape the neighborhood bully, the leather-jacketed Roger Klotz. The show was infinitely weakened when it left Nickelodeon for the Disney Channel. Doug was different, and the series was less imaginative. '90s Nickelodeon will never be beaten.  

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters would probably be a difficult sell these days, particularly with a cross-dressing male monster named The Gromble who also wears lipstick and red high-heels. I miss the '90s. Aaah!!! Real Monsters follows the adventures of three young monsters attending monster school, and try to learn to scare humans properly. The three main monsters, Ickis, a red, rabbit-shaped monster, Oblina, a black-and-white candy cane with pink lips, and Krumm, a pink monster that carried his eyeballs in his hands, were the show's main characters. The show was weird, and kind of nasty and creepy, particularly Krumm's scaring power: his armpits.  

What were your favorite cartoons in the '90s?