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90's Fashions

Hair in the 90's took a a year or two to recover from the hair of the 80's, which was probably the biggest fashion disaster to hit the planet. Of course, replacing the high hair-styles of the 90's with the greasy grunge look might not be considered an improvement either.

As for other fashions in the 90's, there were a few that were not so flattering on most of the "fashion victims" who wore the clothes and accessories.

Scrunchies. Remember the days of big-assed scrunchies in permed-hair with the scrunchi carelessly placed on the side of the hair. For a different kind of scrunchi look that's a little more innocent, consider Suzanne Summers of “Three’s Company” and her little-girl pony tail style, but with ginormous scrunchis.

And, for an entire, mind-numbing debate about whether it is ok to wear a scrunchi or not, go here. I say, by all means, wear a scrunchi  if you want, but don’t be surprised when someone asks you if you are on the way to a 80's and 90’s retro party.

Flannel. OK, I know (or have been told numerous times by the fashion experts around if that counts for anything) that Flannel is back. But it’s not the same as when flannel was in in the 90’s. Way back in the day, the shirts had to be about 8 sizes too large, so that any figure you had (big or small) was carefully hidden. In fact, you could almost liken the grunge shirts to a kind of chastity belt as they were probably the least sexy piece of clothing for women to wear on the face of the planet. It wasn’t the same case for the guys, as evidenced by hot grungers like Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell.

Baggy jeans. I am not talking about the hip-hop style of baggy jeans worn down to the knees with exposed boxes, but I am talking about baggy levis, at least two or three inches too large. Again, not flattering on the women, and if the truth be told, not too flattering on the guys either.

A little later came the “mini-backpack”, or a purse so tiny, but with the exact same straps as a backpack. Ah, how cute is that? I’ll be honest with you- not very. Not only are mini-backpacks ugly, they are not truthfully all that functional.

Cropped shirts and the Muffin Top. The absolute worst thing to come about in the 90’s (and into the next decade) were cropped tops, which looked good on about 1% of the population and brought the popular expression “muffin top” into being.