April 2011

Song of the Day: "When I Come Around"

Remember when Green Day wasn’t an uber political band (albeit with the dreamy kohl-lined eyes of Billie Joe Armstrong) but a trio of punky kids (“Hey, they’re just like us!) with a new sound? They weren’t our Beatles, no, but they were definitely representative of our generation, and I know that 9 out of 10 of my friends thought they were amazing.

When I hear “When I Come Around,” all I can think of is how the guys went around the city, knocking all of the telephones off their jacks. (Today I guess they would knock people’s cell phones out of their hands?) I also know that the song was written by Armstrong after he broke up with his girlfriend, who later became his wife, so I’m sure it’s great fodder for conversation in la casa Armstrong!

90s Song of the Day: "I Want You"

Here at That 90s Blog, we have a new daily song feature where you can relive all of your favorite 90s musical moments. Whether it was the Nirvana you got emo with, the TLC you made out to, or the Paula Cole you sang along with (with or without a broken heart), share your 90s song memories and links here.

Today’s song comes from straight from 1996 and out of my own bedroom. I bought this tape and wore it out so much that I had to buy another! I remember playing Savage Garden’s “I Want You” over and over again as I painted my bedroom lime green, the color so bright it shone outside my window for a few days after it was painted.