April 2012

Homey the Clown

Funny, but better left back in the 90s!


It's funny how you can utterly forget something so ubiquitous, only to have it all come flooding back when you're reminded of it later. Such was the case for me many times over watching the "25 Years of FOX" show last Sunday, which was basically a clip show from their 25 years on the air. 
In a lot of ways, the 1990s belonged to FOX. It wedged its way onto the air in 1989, and quickly developed a reputation as a network aimed at a younger, hipper, edgier audience. Also an "urban" audience, and we all know what "urban" means when you say it like that, with the air quotes, right? Right.

Lisa Frank: The Original Unicorns and Glitter!


The internet was abuzz today with news that an exceedingly rare picture of Lisa Frank had been unearthed and posted to a fan's Tumblr blog. So far as anyone is able to determine, this is one of only two pictures of Lisa Frank in public existence. 
I have to admit, I felt some trepidation as I clicked the link to look at her picture. I had never wondered what Lisa Frank looked like, but suddenly I didn't want to have my illusions shattered. How, I couldn't tell you. 
But whatever ideas you might have had about Lisa Frank, I think we can all agree: yes, that is the correct sweater!

The A.V. Club Revisits "Hackers"


"Hackers" has long been one of my favorite movies. Like, ever. It's the movie I watch when I'm laid up on the couch too sick to do anything but fade in and out of sleep all day. I actually paid money for the soundtrack at one point. I own it on DVD. Some day I still hope to be cool enough (and slim enough) to justify wearing a leather BMX jacket with piping without irony.
And I know I'm not alone, because I see references to it everywhere. In fact, an entire subset of computer nerds can be coaxed to sheepishly admit their love for "Hackers" just by judiciously dropping a reference. I once made an entire room full of Unix sysadmins break into helpless laughter by loudly proclaiming - for no reason whatsoever, in the middle of a workday - "HACK THE WORLD!!!" 
The A.V. Club has revisited "Hackers" and found it... still awesome!