May 2012

WebTV: For People Who Thought AOL Was Too Complicated and Newfangled

If you think about the most common use of the internet (porn) throwing it onto your television makes a certain kind of sense.
If you had asked a lot of tech-savvy people back in the 1990s, few of them would have guessed that WebTV would once again become relevant, some twenty years later. At the time, WebTV was the butt of everyone's joke: it was basically considered "the internet for people too stupid to figure out AOL."
But fast forward to the 2010s and WebTV technology provided the beachhead for such indispensable technologies as the DVR, Tivo, and online gaming consoles like XBOX and PS3. Crazy, right? Life is strange.

Best Magical Kids Movies

Where's the magic these days?

For a year or two, I’ve been on a kick of re-watching all of the movies I enjoyed as a kid. As you can tell from a statement like that one, I hate my life now and wish I was a ten-year-old drinking Capri Sun and getting the television remote sticky again. Anyway, as part of my cinematic education, I’ve come to the conclusion that 1990’s children’s movies signal the golden age of the form. One part feminism, one part magic and one part heart, these movies more than stand the test of time, they make us wonder why studios in Hollywood and outside of it aren’t making films like this anymore. (Save this year’s Hugo, which certainly falls into this kind of wonderment only achievable in movies for kids). Here are a few of my favorite magical movies for kids from the ‘90s: